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Minnie's Herbs

Minnie’s herb, is a natural sexual health brand that believes your total sexual wellness is a priority and a passion to us.

‘minnie’ was derived from the name “ayomini”
Which means “it is my joy” in .
Which explain the reason why we bring joy into your sex life,by providing natural solutions to your sex life.

Minnie’s herb was formerly known as “Minnie’s domain” which became a registered company in 2018.
In 2019 there was a change of name to “Minnie’s herbs”

Minnie’s herbs products are handcrafted in small batches using the best natural ingredients from Nigeria and Africa.
We also maintain the richness of each ingredient blend in a hygienic and germ free environment.

Our product are known for their effectiveness,and has been tried and tested by those with sexual health challenge.
We pride ourselves in using the finest african possible ingredients needed to deliver real results with no significant side effects.

As a natural brand, our products are without synthetic or artificial ingredients; we discourage synthetic ingredients that may be harmful in the long-term.

We give value for your money,quality and generous quantity of our product blend with integrity.

Minnie's Herbs

We are a herbal brand with the aim to provide the best sexual wellness herbs and aphrodisiacs based on our knowledge and research

What We Do

We explore botanicals and Nigerian flora for bioactive compounds that can serve as drug leads with 100% pure herbs, with proven and standard scientific procedure to give quality and result-oriented services in sexual health and production of specialized aphrodisiacs.

Our Core

We take pride in providing high value products and services delivering value through performance and service quality,which ensures customer satisfaction. All products are made from 100% natural herbs and nutrient in all.

To address development issues by looking beyond the obvious, experimenting and stimulating creativity. We constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we do. Therefore, we are open to ideas that challenge the conventional views and drive innovation.

We behave in a manner that demonstrates trust by never compromising the truth and honesty. We take responsibility for our action with a willingness to admit our mistakes. We believe that our reputation is more important than any other short-term rewards.

Minnie’s herb we are a growing, thriving business. We live change. In all cases, we resist becoming comfortable with the status quo. We drive change by having the courage to change course. Sometimes we change to improve something our products, our relationships,or our efficiencies.
Sometimes we change to pursue a new opportunity or to meet a market challenge. When the opportunity or need for change comes our way, we work to embrace it.

Our staff are used to working with confidentiality requirements.
All our staffs have signed a non-disclosure agreement.
We value the confidentiality and privacy of each client’s information.

In order to create long-term relationships with our customers,we aim to be responsive and relevant by striving to provide exceptional customer service through flexible scheduling,quality products, efficient services,and innovative solutions resulting in value to the customer and company.
We want to walk alongside our customers, to grow with our customers and to create win-win solutions for both parties.

To learn from our experiences, to encourage new ideas and try new possibilities. Develop ourselves in every educational opportunities on every front,both with the herb we formulate and produce,as well as how we create them. When faced with a choice between optimal efficiency or a chance to learn something new, we will choose to learn, to grow, and to better ourselves.

Who we are

Minnie’s Herbs is a brand totally committed to your sexual wellness

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