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• Energy booster

• Libido booster

• Weak Erection solution

• Early ejaculation solution

• Detox/back pain relieve




Shade of fulfillment is a pack containing five sexual wellness products aimed to give maximum long lasting sexual performance, improve blood circulation, increase normal blood circulation to perform with stronger and harder erection, keep you energised to awaken your inner sexual vitality to feel a revival of sexual energy ,increase desire to maximize sexual drive, balance testosterone and intensifies urge, cleans toxin and Refresh your body from inside out .

Suitable for only men and without health condition.

Note: Colour may vary slightly from batch to batch due to the use of natural ingredients but this as no impact on product effectiveness.

Shelf life: 9-12 months



* Boost sexual energy and strength

* Aid ability to keep going more rounds

* Aids long Lasting sexual performance

* Boost long lasting sexual duration

* Boost long lasting erection

* Stimulate sexual appetite

*Aid strong and hard erection

* Detoxifies the body system

* Aids relieve of mild back pain

* Increases sexual urge and libido



Supreme energy • vitolize • wellness:
Use one tea bag of each products per cup
Put a tea bag of each product into a cup add boiling water and brew for 3-5 min before removing tea bag.
Add pure honey for pleasant taste.
Each product can be used simultaneously with a minimum interval of 30 min and can also be used at different time of the day.

Reuse your teabag after brewing.
Content from each teabag after brewing and drinking can be reused by adding all three into a full glass cup of watermelon + Banana smoothie, stir together and drink.

Supreme Desire:
Scoop teaspoon of desire booster and take orally once daily .

Supreme detox:
Drink your supreme detox four times a week at night before bed.
Drop a tea bag in a mug of hot water for 1-5 minutes if you are just starting out.
Add one tablespoon of honey to taste and drink.
As you continue detoxing, you should gradually increase the amount of time you leave the tea bag in your mug.
The longer you let it brew, the more effective the cleanse will be.
Start from 1-5 minutes and work up to 10 minute.

Ensure to incorporate each products into your daily routine to enable you benefit maximum result.
It is mandatory to eat before using any of this products.


supreme wellness: Clove • Lemon grass • Ginger • Khaya ivorensis A. Chev • Khaya cylindricum (Descr.) A
Juss • Anthocleista nobilis G. Don • Lophira alata Banks ex.P Gaertn • Mitragyna inermis [wild.] Kuntze

supreme energy:
Date • Maca • Cinnamon, Lemon grass • Ginger

Supreme vitolize:
Cinnamon • Lemon grass • Ginger • Securidaca longipedunculata
Frer • Khaya cylindricum (Descr.) A
Juss • Entada africana Guill. & perr • Terminalia superba engl. & diels • Anogeiessus leiocarpus (D.C)
Guil. L & Per

Supreme detox:
Lemon • Ginger • Citrullus colocynthis • Terminalia superba engl. & diels •
Carpolobea lutei • Cassia podocarpa

Supreme desire:
Date • Cinnamon • Ginseng • Ginger • Clove • Macac• Nut meg • Garlic

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