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Who We Are

Minnie’s herb, is a natural sexual health brand that believes your total sexual wellness is a priority and a passion; we are passionate in supporting the sexual health of our customers.

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‘minnie’ was derived from the name “ayomini”
Which means “it is my joy” in Yoruba.
Which explain the reason why we bring joy into your sexual life, by providing natural solutions to your sex life.

We founded Minnie’s herbs with passion and primary purpose in mind:to formulate modern day highest quality and most effective sexual performance herbal products using clinically proven herbs and aphrodisiac at an affordable price, targeted to improve the sexual health of every male regardless of long he has been experiencing the sexual challenge.

Nature guide’s our approach to creating quality products that positively make changes to the male sexual health.

At Minnie’s herbs we believe that nature takes time to become prefect, hence we take our time perfecting our products.
We ensure extensive research and development goes into every single formulations, to help enhance male sexual health.
Every step of how we research, source for, and formulate each product are attentively thought of.

We are giving you value for your money in our product and services, quality of our blended finest African Natural ingredients that you deserve

About Our Products

Minnie’s herbs products isn’t just a sexual wellness product but a lifestyle.
We made it easier for our customers to include our product and all their potent nutrients into their daily lifestyle in the most easy yet still effective method.

Step 1
System Cleansing
By regular detoxing
It's not mandatory but it's essential to detox the system before using our other range of products. Use the detox three times in a week, you can then start our other range of products the next week. You can exempt if you detoxed previously with your personal detox.
Step 2
Be Consistent
For best results
Ensure daily consistent use of our product purchased except for the supreme detox combo to be used three times a week. We cannot guarantee best results if you do not use the prescribed product consistently.
Step 3
Regular Maintenance
For permanent results
The result of each product can last for a long period of time depending on how you maintain the result achieved. You have to keep to a healthy lifestyle and incorporate self-discipline to not drink excessively, smoke or consume junk food.

Invest more in nutritional meal and engage in exercise that are beneficial to your sexual health. We are here to walk with you on your sexual health journey, and we are so confident that you will be satisfied with our products.


Assisting men to be comfortable and confident in their own sexual performance. Liberating men from the low self-esteem and embarrassment of bad sexual performance and maintaining a healthy sexual lifestyle.


To formulate the highest quality and most effective sexual performance products using clinically proven herbs and aphrodisiac at an affordable price, targeted to improve the sexual health of every male.