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Sexual and physical energy booster. Contains 40 tea bags.

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Supreme booster contains exclusive herbs with the highest quality, rich in antioxidant and nutrients that will boost your energy and keep you energized to awaken your inner vitality.
Feel a revival of energy in your body physically and sexual aspect.

Suitable for only men.

Note: Colour may vary slightly from batch to batch due to the use of natural ingredients but this as no impact on product effectiveness.

Shelf life: 9-12 months



* Boost sexual energy

* Enhance sexual strength

* Increase sexual and physical energy

* Aids ability to keep going more rounds



Use one tea bag per cup
Put a tea bag into a cup add boiling water and brew for 3-5 min before removing tea bag.
Add pure honey for pleasant taste.

Reuse your teabag after brewing.
Content from teabag after brewing and drinking can be reused by adding it into a full glass cup of watermelon + Banana smoothie, stir together and drink.

Ensure to incorporate supreme booster into your daily routine to enable you benefit maximum result.
It is mandatory to eat before using supreme booster.


Date – Maca – Cinnamon, Lemon grass and

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Supreme Energy